Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will you marry me?

The question that changes two lives...

Marriage proposal is an important thing in everybody's life, and if you're lucky enough, it happens only once. Every girl wants it to be very romantic and original. And all the guys try to find a new way to propose to their loved once.

Some people prefer to propose on special days, like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's day, even on Halloween. But trust me guys, most of the girls want that day to be special itself, so it would be nice to pick a random day and make it special with your marriage proposal. Years later there will be one more day to remember, one more reason to have a romantic dinner together.

Proposals can be private or public. It mostly depends on a couple, their characteristics, likes and dislikes. Many girls like to show their love to everyone: "Let the world know how much we love each other". In this case public marriage proposal will be great. You can propose in front of many people, after the movie or play, on the dance floor,  using a microphone, in the plane or just in the middle of a street. It will be also very romantic if you  write your own article in a magazine or newspaper that your girlfriend reads. It can be something very simple. Just write "Will you marry me?" on the entire page. Don't forget about the names, so she knows it's written by you. Street posters or a skywriter, which will spell your proposal for everyone around to see will be also very surprising.

As you see there are different ideas for public proposal, but the most important thing is to be sure that she will say "Yes". Imagine if after all your preparations she doesn't do so. And don't forget that many people will be watching you... I know, not one of the best situations ever, but still important to keep in mind, even though i'm sure that not many guys start thinking about the marriage proposal, unless they are sure about the answer.

I personally think that  private proposals are more romantic, when there is just you and your loved one. The most common way to propose in this case is a romantic dinner for two, candles and your favorite song. You can also go for a midnight walk under the stars and end it with a romantic proposal. You are lucky if you live close to an ocean or a sea, cause in that case you can write the words "Will you marry me" in the sand or build a sandcastle for her and put the ring on the highest tower. 

There are many ways to propose. Maybe right now you are thinking which is the best one. First of all you should remember that no matter how many people decide to propose in the same way, still each marriage proposal will be original anyway. To make it memorable it would be nice to pick a right time and place. It can be the place where you first met or had your first kiss. 

Sometimes the best way to propose is to do it without planning ahead. When my fiancé  proposed to me there was no music around, no wine or flowers. He just knelt in front of me and asked "Will you marry me?", and i just smiled and answered "Yes". It was very simple and very romantic. In the morning of the same day none of us was expecting that to happen. But just in couple seconds he turned that ordinary day into a very special one. 

Wanna know which is the best way to propose?
 The best way is the one you choose !!!

(Write as a comment about your opinions and ideas, it will be nice if you also share your experience with us)

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iMusheg said...

I also think that the random thay will be interesting instead of special day.It will become a special day and will be interesteing that it's yours special day.And the idea of writing on sand of sea is too coll,because i like sea and it would be romantic...