Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All I Want From This Life Is ...

  It was a nice autumn day. I woke up early that day. It was raining. The small window was open and I could feel the soft wind and the scent of the rain.
  He was still sleeping. Looking at him, with his eyes calmly closed, I thought that at that moment the entire world was so good and beautiful. I could hear him breathing, which made me feel so safe.
  The rain, the small window and him, sleeping next to me, that's all i needed for that very second. And i knew that it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Maybe that moments itself was my entire life, the result of all my dreams and hopes.

  It started raining even harder. I closed the window, then went back to bed and closed my eyes again. He was still sleeping.
  What a wonderful morning it was. And how wonderful it is that sometimes the most simple things make you feel like you are the happiest person in the world.
  We expect so much from ourselves, from our life. We dream about happy family life, big houses and expensive cars, about money and good job. But after buying a big house we want a bigger one. Getting a good job, we start looking for a better one. And during this long and difficult marathon we never notice the smallest, but probably the most important things in our lives.

   I woke up early that morning...  And I understood that all I want from this life is to wake up every morning with him sleeping next to me...

Dedicated to S.M.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Your Love Grade - Quiz For Girls

You can get grades not only during classes, but also according to your relationship. Take this test and find out what kind of "student" you are in your love.

  • It's been already two days that you didn't get any calls or messages from him, your reaction:

a) So what? he's probably busy.
b) This is it, he left me.
d)  I'll wait for a while, then call him myself.
c) I'll call all his friends, maybe even family, to find out what did I do wrong.


  • Your girlfriends don't  really like your bf, he doesn't dress well enough, doesn't pay to much attention to how he looks, etc.

a) Maybe they are right, but i don't really care.
b) Well, who else would date someone like me?
c) I'm fine with everything. And my girlfriends can go far away looking for their Bred Pitt.
d) I'll show everyone that he's super. I'll start changing his style and haircut, etc.