Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Your Love Grade - Quiz For Girls

You can get grades not only during classes, but also according to your relationship. Take this test and find out what kind of "student" you are in your love.

  • It's been already two days that you didn't get any calls or messages from him, your reaction:

a) So what? he's probably busy.
b) This is it, he left me.
d)  I'll wait for a while, then call him myself.
c) I'll call all his friends, maybe even family, to find out what did I do wrong.


  • Your girlfriends don't  really like your bf, he doesn't dress well enough, doesn't pay to much attention to how he looks, etc.

a) Maybe they are right, but i don't really care.
b) Well, who else would date someone like me?
c) I'm fine with everything. And my girlfriends can go far away looking for their Bred Pitt.
d) I'll show everyone that he's super. I'll start changing his style and haircut, etc.

  • You've decided to go to your friend's birthday party together, but he's late, hanging out with his friends.

a) I'll go alone, big deal. He'll come as soon as he gets free.
b) Of course, as usually I'm the one waiting.
c) I'll wait for him patiently, but will talk about it later.
d) I hate when people are late, I'll start sending him text messages till he finally arrives.

  • You had a big fight. You...
a) Why me? it's not my fault.
b) I'll buy chocolate, sit in front of TV, watch dramas and cry.

c) I won't go on arguing. We'll sit and discuss everything.
d) I'm perfect, he just doesn't deserve me.

  • Oops, you suddenly meet his ex. What now?
a) Nothing. I don't care about his ex-girlfriends.
b) It's not an easy meeting. What if she wants him back?
c) I'll be very nice, but deep down inside I'll be comparing her with myself, even get a little nervous.
d) I'll try to find out about her every single thing, to figure out what did he like in her so much.

And here are the results.

If you mostly answered a, you got D

Actually getting low grades because of love is not that bad. At least other students have something to learn from you. It's easy  for your boyfriend to be with you. You don't want him to be the best one, the smartest and the most stylish one, you don't make a big deal out of every small detail, don't panic because of random situations. You are able to accept all the changes in the relationship easily, the way they are. But you are getting close to carelessness, while every guy wants to know that you need him, that you care for him, sometimes even don't sleep at night, thinking about him. It's not enough to just love someone, it's also important to show that love, not with words, but with your actions.

If you mostly answered b, your grade is C

C grade students are not stupid people who can't study well. Their biggest problem is that they are not sure about themselves. When there are so many better students, it's hard to resist the competition. You're scared that people will lie to you, leave you, and that's why you are preparing yourself for the worst, and then you "get a C" as a result, which makes you even more disappointed. But no miracle will take to the A grade, unless you really want it. If he loves you, then there's a reason for that. Keep going forward with this idea, and don't pay attention what others do or think.

If you mostly answered c, you got B

You don't catch a star from the sky, but that's exactly what saves your relationship. Why do more then you can, trying to make an unreal perfect relationship, when you can be satisfied by something realistic, something you have. But on the other hand you don't want to lower your grad, and that's why you're always ready to do your best to help, teach, save and assist  your loved one. Keep going.

If you mostly answered d, your grade is

Highest grade is a must for you. If you do something you do it perfectly. And of course you expect the same from others. To be your man is great, but not easy. If you'll start expecting from him everything you want all the time, it won't be easy for any of you. You're used to being the first one, and want to hear about that all the time. If you'll stop thinking about the others' opinions and let them think whatever they want to and not you, everything will be better for you and for your man.

Hope you enjoyed this fun quiz. Of course love and relationships don't need grades, but at least i think it helped you to understand what kind of girlfriend you are for your loved one. 

Share your results and opinions. I myself got a B :)

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