Sunday, April 10, 2011

How I Love and Hate those Airports!

Airport is the place where there are no fake smiles or tears, it's when people cry and laugh, say hello and good bye from the bottom of their hearts. It's the place where we meet, the place where we say farewell. That's the place where we realize how much we love and care, how much we cherish and need our loved ones.

How I Hate those Airports... Sitting in the car on the way to the airport to leave... That's when the words seem so pointless and empty, that's when the  silence seems so uncomfortable and loud. The time goes so slow and yet so fast, that only seconds later you find yourself standing in the terminal, giving your good-bye hugs. One is leaving, while the other one is trying to hold back the tears. And by the time when you are left alone, walking to the plain, thoughts and emotions are so hard to control. A tear is running down your cheek while you are forcing yourself to smile. People are walking with you, people whom you have never met, but somehow they seem so familiar. Finally you get to your seat and minutes later you are high in the sky, but your thoughts are still there, in the airport. In your head you keep remembering every single detail of your last minutes spent there and it keeps going around your mind like a vision. You left...

How I Love those Airports... Sitting in the car on the way to the airport to meet him.... That's when the words seem so useless, your heart beats so fast, that it feels like you won't be strong enough to hold it inside you. The time goes so fast, and yet so slow. Finally you get to the airport, walking in the terminal from one corner to the another, trying to keep your mind busy with every silly thought, in order to be a little more patient. It feels like the time is not moving, each second passes like an hour when you are waiting. You hear the announcement, recognize the number of the flight and your heart starts beating faster. Then you see him coming. By the time when he gives you his warmest hug you feel like there's nothing else in the world, no people around you, it's just you and him and that sweet moment of meeting. And you leave the airport but your emotions and tears of joy stay there, between so many memories that are kept between those terminals, inside the walls of the airports.

How I Hate those Airports... The place were i had to force myself to watch you leave.
How I Love those Airports... The place where we first met, the place where we fell in love, the place where we realized that we have found each other.

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan


Anonymous said...

I think your so right. soon I will be in an airport and faced with that same scenario of saying goodbye to loved ones both ways. Its hard.

William ... said...

It comforts me to read posts which express feelings like I have felt way back in my days, getting this feeling, asking myself whether I am going to see her again one day... a question which i still ask till this very day.

LiLit G. said...

I hope you will William day :)