Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a candle

I'm a candle...
 For many months i was just lying in a small shop, waiting for my turn to go. Then one day a young girl came to the store. She looked at all the candles and eventually looked at the seller pointing at me. That's how i went to my new home, to the girl's house. Her room was small and very sweet. I was standing at her table next to another candle. We were the only candles in the room and soon we became good friends. He was a sweet candle, didn't talk much, he liked to look outside the window and dream. The small room was the only place he had ever been, that's why he was dreaming about places outside, wishing that some day he could go somewhere else. I was telling him stories about our store, about my friends there and about people who used to visit the store. He was interested in all those stories, but every time i could see small tears running down the candle, my stories made him sad.
It was very easy to fall in love with him and eventually i did. He loved me too and that made him smile more often. I was not telling him stories any more, cause i didn't want to make him sad, instead we were dreaming together. We had many wishes, we were planing to visit different stores and houses together, go to different cities and maybe also meet some other candles. Our plans gave us hope that some day we would be able to turn all those wishes into reality. We were sure that we were  the happiest candles in the house, because we were the only ones, and deep down inside we hoped that we are the happiest candles in the world too. We were happy, until one morning, when he was too week to burn any longer...

I'm a candle, a lonely candle fighting against the cold wind of memories..

                                                                                                                            © LiLit Ghazaryan

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