Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A ticket to Autumn

Sick of the sunny days of Summer i bought a ticket to Autumn, it's closer to my heart. The rains and falling leaves understood me much better then the hot evenings and morning sunlight. My tears easily became friends with raindrops running down my window late at night.  Walking down the alley i used to look up at the colorful leaves on the trees and didn't feel too lonely anymore. I followed the falling leave until it finally got to the ground after singing its last song.
 And that's when the cold wind invited me to dance the Autumn waltz, being to weak to ask any question i followed him . 
And i didn't care if people would think that i'm crazy, i danced with him under the falling leaves and maybe that's why my heart got a little warmer... The wind took me high above all the trees, i could feel the cold on my skin, but somehow it was warm inside me.
I got tired of Summer, cheated the Sun and had an affair with the cold autumn Wind...

But after all, everything that was left were those fallen leaves.Wind is too crazy to stay at the same place and too adventurous 
for making the same waltz last longer then he wants it to. He left me... The wind left me sooner then he found me. And i started missing the Sun, The Sun that was always near, always there, always warm. The Sun that was not as crazy as Wind, but more reliable. 
So i found all the light that was left inside me to keep me warm and laying down on the ground with the autumn leaves i decided to wait for the Summer. 
I started to feel like i was a fallen leaf myself too, one of those leaves who had there last dance with the cold autumn Wind...

                                                                                                                            © LiLit Ghazaryan

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