Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Street Lamp

 Now, i'm a lamp. So let me tell you my story. It was a cold winter, i was standing in my place as usually , because, let's face the truth, even if i wanted to i didn't have a single chance to go somewhere else. It's sad that lamps can't walk, sometimes it's even boring to stay at the same place, all the time. In winters it gets even worse, people prefer to stay at their warm houses and there's no one around to look after, admire or just listen to the strangers' conversations. In summers it's more interesting. There are people everywhere, many tourists come to our small city.
One year i even managed to learn some French words from the french couple, who liked to walk in the park every evening, then they used to come and sit on the seat near me. But eventually they also left, leaving me the knowledge of those couple of French words that i can't even use. Why don't the other lamps speak French? We could at least have something interesting to do in that case. But no, they prefer to sleep all day long, instead of examining those people walking across the street. Oh well, let them sleep.

I think i went too far. What i was talking about? Oh, yes, i was telling about that story that happened last winter. So it was a cold, dark evening. The city was already sleeping when the snowflakes started falling slowly. It was a beautiful night, i was following each snowflake dancing under my light and i was so lost in my own dreams that didn't even notice how a young girl came close to me, until i heard her voice.
-Hello, aren't you cold?
I looked down, then realized that there was nobody else around, except that girl. Who was she talking to? To herself? Interesting.
-Don't you hear me?
I think she was looking at me, that was strange and even a little scary. But finally i did my best to answer her back.
-Are you talking to me?
-Of course i am, there's nobody else around.

Hmm, this was even stranger. Did she answer me? At that point i thought that i've completely lost my mind and that this girl was just a vision or a dream.
-It will get even colder in the night, so i thought...
I couldn't hear what she said after it, i was so confused. that girl was standing in front of me, talking to me and even wondering whether i'm cold or not. Such things don't happen every winter evening, this was the first time that someone actually talked to me, but i still couldn't believe it.
-Here, take this, it will keep you warm tonight.
She took off her scarf and tied it up on me. Then she wished me good night and left, slowly disappearing in the snowflakes. I was so lost that i didn't even talk to her.
-Thank you... I said softly to myself, but it was too late for her to hear it...

That night all the lamps in the park where sleeping tight, but only one of them was shining brightly and happily... With the warm scarf around him, he felt safe from the cold night and warm inside...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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