Friday, September 30, 2011

We all are Actors

You think you're leaving your life the way you want it? It's funny to think so. This is just an entire play, and you are nothing more but just an actor, playing the role that was given to you. You're doing things that were written in the play by someone else, not you. You're meeting other people, because you have to, because they are playing their written role too.  It's a big stage, with millions of actors playing their roles, all of them are so different and yet so alike. And the others are just seating in front of the stage and watching you, cause they got a chance to have the ticket. They will enjoy the performance and leave, but you will stay on the stage, with the rest of the actors. It's always like that, the same story keeps going. Things happen, but nothing changes. And after all what is left is the empty stage, with actors behind the curtains, who hear the applause coming from the audience and don't even realize that the play was their own life. And when the curtain comes down all of the actors have to leave, leaving their place for the new ones coming after them. And it begins all over  again, the same stage, the same story, but just with different actors. Who am I? You wanna know who i am in this entire story? I'm the dreamer, i come and i leave as all of them do. But i don't play, i don't act, i live... and eventually die, leaving my place for the next dreamer that hopefully will come...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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