Saturday, September 24, 2011

No more wheelchair... I Can Walk

He used to tell that there's no magic in the world. he didn't believe in fairy-tales and was expecting the same from you. He said the same before leaving, said and left. The door closed, leaving him in the past, and you had nothing to do but cry.
-There's no magic... That's what he kept saying and he left because there's was no magic and you still were on the wheelchair. Was he afraid of something? It was weird for him that his loved one would be different then himself. But is it a difference?
 No, he was just stupid. You've lost something that almost all the people have: the ability to walk, but he lost you, someone original and unique. If he was smart enough he could become the only man in the whole world to have such happiness like you.
There's no magic...
You wake up like every usual day, you just want to go down the stairs. But he's not there to help. You're frightened of the thought that you're alone. The spring wind whispers in your ear "There's no magic" and it scares you even more. You're scared, but you're still going forward, you're going because you don't want to feel like you need him. You pass the first stair, but the other fourteen are still staring at you and their look frightens you even more.

Leaves... Suddenly autumn leaves appear from somewhere and gather under your feet and it seems like the leaves are helping you to get down the stairs. With the help of the leaves you go down the second stair. You hardly feel your feet and when you go down the last stair... you walk...
"There's no magic"
You wish he was hear now, you wish he could see those autumn leaves in the middle of spring. If only he could see you... walking.
You  overcame the same stair, where he head failed. You went down the stairs, which were hiding your fears, your weakness and maybe even your failure. You went down the stairs and appeared on the top, which he didn't reach. You walked up, leaving him behind.
"There's no magic" he would say. But you saw the magic, you lost and found, maybe the lose was meant for finding...

                                                                                                           © LiLit Ghazaryan

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