Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Happy Stranger

Photo by LiLit G.
It was just an ordinary day, similar to all the other days of that week. I was walking home, my head full of random thoughts, my eyes looking around but not actually paying attention to anything specific. I was walking fast, as I always do, no matter whether i'm late or not, it's more like a habit. But then I saw something that made me stop for a moment. I saw a man on the street feeding pigeons. Those birds were so beautiful, they felt so safe with him and the man looked so happy. Next to the crazy city, the noisy cars, people, who always run somewhere, this man seemed to bring a feeling of calmness to all that. He looked like a big "sign" that was telling people to stop for a second and notice the important and beautiful things around us. I stood next to him for couple of seconds and of course I had to take a picture of that admirable moment.
He looked at me and said.
-These birds are so wonderful, I have them for two weeks already.
Photo by LiLit G.
I smiled and continued my way. The street was the same, but the mood was completely different. That man made my day, I was still walking with many thoughts in my head, but I was softly smiling each time i was thinking about the happy man and his small cute birds.

Thank you happy stranger, thank you for making my day brighter, thank you for giving some bright colours
 to our city and our every day routine... Thank You

                                                                                                      © LiLit Ghazaryan

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