Monday, October 17, 2011

Her Heart in Cage

-Maybe I am a bird honey, but you can't keep me in a cage.
I wanna be able to fly, i wanna be free.

You heard her  and understood, but still was scared to loose her. You didn't want to go against her wish, after all you loved that girl so much. She was a bird, a beautiful bird who was in love with her own freedom. 
That used to scare you all the time, you were afraid that one they she will fly away again and never come back. That's when you decided to put her love in cage, thinking that it would keep her next to you all the time, hoping that even if she flies away, her love will be with you, so she will have to come back to you again.

You took her love, without letting her know about it. You took her heart and put it in the small cage, closed it carefully and the only thing that was seen on your face was  a proud smile.

Days were passing. The bird was flying far away and then again coming back to you, but you could see that something was changed. She was loosing her strength day by day, her beautiful colors were vanishing away, leaving plain scars on her face. By the time she started to talk less, looked sad all the time and you couldn't understand what was happening to your little bird.
One morning you woke up and found her inside the cage. She had lost all her beauty, her smile was gone and her eyes were not shining anymore. 
She had discovered your secret and didn't find enough strength to forgive you. She did her best to get her heart back, but it was to late. If a bird appears in a cage, she will never be able to fly again and to feel the freedom high among the clouds.
The next day the poor bird died, she left after loosing her heart, her love and what was the most important, her trust in you.

She herself looked like a small white cloud in a cage, still so beautiful, still so free, but only by the appearance...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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