Monday, October 24, 2011

See You Soon

...and she was standing right next to him, realizing how far they are from each other. The feeling that was just a childish game for him was the only thing she had. Those memories which made him just laugh were kept in her heart for a very long time. And now she was looking at him, maybe that would be the last time she would see him, the last time she had a chance to look at him, to feel him next to herself. And she was doing her best to remember each detail. Years had passed, but he was the same.
-I need to go girl
- Again?

Yes, again... This was nothing new to her, the same story, every time, but she loved him so much. Every time she would just smile when he was back again, knowing that he's gonna leave as soon as everything gets better, as soon as everything gets normal again.
- Don't worry, I'll see you soon
-  Ok
Ok? That was her answer? That's what she really wanted to say? No, inside her she was thinking in a different way. She wanted to yell out all those words that were hidden for so long. "I'll see you soon", those words sounded so painful. Of course they would meet again, very soon. He would be back again, would appear from nowhere, in the middle of the night, maybe drunk again. She would still welcome her with care and comfort, would listen to him and gently whisper in his ear that everything will be fine. He would cry like a little boy, but feel safe at the same time knowing that she's there for him. And she would be happy, she would be with him, helping him, taking care of him, loving him... Until the next morning... And he would be gone again, before the sunlight enters the room.
- See you soon my dear
- See you soon
She did her best to hide those tears, at least until he's gone... again...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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