Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Against the Wall

When after a long way you find yourself standing against a huge wall, there's not much you can do. Usually there are three possible ways to get out of that situation:
1) You will just turn back, without caring much about all the time and effort you've wasted for getting there.
2) You will try to pull the wall, to break it and continue your way.
3) You will become a part of that wall yourself.

What is the wall after all? It's the ensemble of all those difficulties that we have on our ways. It's our pessimistic thoughts that don't let us take a risk. The wall is the society, with its stereotypes and firm ideas. Some of us are strong enough to go against the society, some just don't want to meet all those stereotypes, but there are also people who become a part of that society and build their own wall against someone else.
And here you are, a stone in a big wall called Society. You do your job as all the other stones like you, you stand firmly along with them, waiting for your next victim. You all know that the next person will either go back or become a part of you, but non of you ever admits that some of them might just jump over you and continue their way.
You see another person coming towards you, you can hear the thoughts, feel the heartbeat and you all are waiting for the next decision. When the person starts walking towards the wall, you all secretly smile, ready to welcome another stone, another piece of  a society. Then all you hear is a sudden noise coming from far away, you see the stones falling down in front of you and finally you yourself appear just laying on the floor. That's when those smiles turn into scared expressions, cause you and your friends didn't expect that someone would be strong enough to break the wall...
 Once you felt like a strong stone, like a part of something bigger and stronger, but now you're just a lonely piece of stone thrown on the floor, with a tear running down your chick. You were crying silently, not for yourself, not for the wall and not because you were sad to be destroyed, but because you finely remembered who you really are. Now you could see yourself from aside, you could remember that once you were also standing against this wall like that person. You've tried hard back then, you've tried to move the wall, to free your way. You were not that weak to just turn away and change your direction, but you were not strong enough to win the battle.
You were crying, because you were thankful to that person for bringing you back to whoever you were. It's hard to be on your own, its much harder then being a part of something, but that way it's so easy to loose your own ideas, to loose yourself. It's never too late to stand up again. After all you were proud of yourself, because you were the only stone among all the others who did continue his way...

...If you ever see a small, beautiful stone walking by himself, don't  disturb him, that's the strongest stone in the world, going towards his own happiness...
                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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