Friday, November 25, 2011

Friend, Let's Never Meet Again

The lovers leave, but the love stays...
Another story, another relationship... What happens when it also comes to it's end? We fight, argue, break up and start hating each other like the worst enemies, like we never were crazy about each other. What about love? Does it vanish, does it disappear just like the connection between the two people?

"Let's stay good friends"
We all know that it is not possible and never will be. A fake friendship after a relationship brings just more troubles. Then why do some of us still say this sentence?
Maybe that's the love?
What if we go, but leave our love right there in the corner where we said good-bye?
What if love tries to do its best to continue living among us, at least as a broken friendship?
What if... ?

Why are we trying to kill our love? Let's just let it  go on living and growing in our hearts.
Two people sitting next to each other, close with their bodies, but so far from one another with their minds and souls. The love... The poor love is lost among them and their thoughts, trying to find the right place to be kept. Their minds are  not kind anymore to accept the love and their hearts are too cold already for each other.
They don't talk, they don't even look at each other, there are no words left to say and nothing to look at. It's all done, they both know that there is no other way, but none of them dares to make the first move.
Reasons? There are no reasons, just decisions... After all we all have good reasons for leaving, the matter is will you use the reasons or not...

They left, they both left, they took the opposite directions with the hope to never meet again. Usually such meeting are silly and confusing. If they meet years later they will probably just pretend that they don't know each other, they will continue their way just like strangers. It's amazing how the closest people can turn into strangers during one random evening.
They left and left their love right there in the park along with all those memories that were connecting those two people. They left their dreams, plans, wishes, their thoughts and feelings, the longest nights and the brightest mornings, they left everything they had and took with them a single wish, only one decision: to never meet again...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan


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