Tuesday, November 29, 2011

....oh those crazy romantics (The Experiment N1)

-I love you
-I love you too

You think this is enough? Well maybe it is for the first month or two, but not longer. If you want to be in a long-term, serious relationship with someone, then it's time to realize that love by itself is too weak to support you.
Like a weak, small bird love comes to our hearts, shows us the right way and then starts looking for some help for itself. Maybe it's true that we simply fall in love, without expecting it, without ever trying to go against it, but later it all depends on us. We and only we can decide whether we want to stay there, in the deepest river of this feeling, or to get out of the world of the real dreams.

Right when you are high above the sky, flying among the clouds with the person you love, you suddenly realize that love is not holding you any more. You start falling down, afraid to hit the ground soon. Where is the love in that case?
It's still there, it was holding both of you for a while, now it's time for you to hold your own love, to do your best not to let your love fall down back to the ground.

What do we need in a relationship besides love in order to be able to live happily ever after... No, not in a fairy-tale, in your own life!
Right now there are probably many words running through your head: trust, romance, craziness...
The same was with me, that's why I decided to ask this question to my friends and readers on Facebook. What's more, I decided to share the results with you.

The question was - What do you think is the most important thing besides love for having a healthy relationship?
I had offered my own options and also wanted people to share their own opinion. Most of them voted for one of the answers given my be and only one guy added his own answer, but we'll talk about it a little later ;)

Well let's get to the results.
There were 370 votes during one weekend. And here is what the voters think.

The first place goes to Trust with 94 votes.
The silver medal goes to Mutual Understanding with 66 votes
Respect is on the third place with 60 votes
And finally the most creative answer, added by one of the voters is... Chuck Norris - 1 vote :D

 I think you will agree that it was really interesting to see what the majority thinks,  but I also tried to see how the answers of male and female voters are different from each other.
Here are two different charts, one made by female voters and the other one by male voters. Turns out that both girls and guys think that the most important thing is Trust and the less important one is Patience, but all the other answers between these two are on a different levels. Check it out yourself.

Female                                                                  Male

Trust                                                                    Trust                       
Mutual Understanding                                       Respect
 Respect                                                              Mutual Understanding
Responsibility                                                     Honesty
Honesty                                                               Responsibility
Passion                                                                Passion
Appreciation                                                        Appreciation
Forgiveness                                                         Support
Support                                                                Forgiveness
Patience                                                               Patience

I hope you enjoyed my small experiment and made your own chart, if so make sure to share it with us right below this post. Will wait for your comments :)

And the most important that I wanted to say, don't forget that right above all the qualities and ideas we mentioned is Love. You can call me a crazy romantic, weird lunatic or old-fashioned, but i truly believe that Love was, is and always will be one of the most important things in our lives.
So no matter what,  don't forget to love and to be loved...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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