Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love is like Coffee

Love... we come across this word almost everyday, in movies, books, among the people around us. We all long for love, wait for that feeling to knock our door someday.
What is love after all? There are thousands of answers, quotations  and ideas about this question. You can find many books describing or discovering love. Most of us don't know what it is, but we still wait for it, keep on saying that love is all we need.

"Falling in love", this expression itself shows that love comes when you don't expect it at all, most of us believe that love just happens and we can never control it. Haven't you ever thought that love might be just a decision? What if there's nothing unexpected or uncontrollable about love?

You wake up in the morning and decide to have a coffee, someone else might prefer just a cup of tea, the other one will drink a juice. The same way you might wake up in the morning and decide to love your neighbor who has always been very nice to you, someone else will decide to love the first beautiful girl he will
meet that day. Will it work? Maybe yes, who knows...
When we love someone we can make a huge list of reasons why we love that person. Doesn't it mean that after all love didn't just happen, but we decided to love that person? Maybe it was not on a random morning, maybe it didn't come to our mind just during couple of seconds but still it was a decision.

What comes after making a decision? Realization!
When we decide to have a coffee in the morning the next thing we have to do is to make that coffee. The same thing works for love. When two people decide to love each other they start creating that love, they turn their wishes into a reality.
For having a tasty coffee in the morning you should choose what kind of coffee you want, then get the right ingredients. You should know exactly how much sugar, coffee or water you need.
Love also has its ingredients and various types according to people's style and taste. So choose the right kind of love, which will make you truly happy. You should be careful about what ingredients you choose for your love. You will have to always add something new and interesting but at the same time  make sure not to loose the old and sweet ingredients you had.
Yes, making coffee is much easier than creating a love, but after all the both depend on learning. Don't you remember the first coffee you had made? I'm sure it was either too sweet or not tasty at all. You probably couldn't drink it or if it was made for someone else then probably they had just smiled in order not to make you feel bad.
Now remember your first relationship. When you look back to it now, it looks kind of childish, a little silly or weird.
I'm sure you easily learnt how to make good coffee and if you're the best coffee-maker among your friends now, then why don't you also learn to love and become the best couple ever.

After all there are only two main differences between a cup of coffee and love. The first one is that when finish making coffee you just enjoy it, while when it comes to love you enjoy it starting from the very first second but also never stop working on it. And here is the second difference. At one point you can find yourself sitting in front of an empty cup of coffee, because you have drunk it all, but if you are wise enough you can always keep love by your side and never let it disappear.

I hope you will think about love next time you drink coffee and maybe right at that second you will make  a decision...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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