Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Tale Of The Old Chair

The  old chair was the only thing that was left as a reminder of that old story ...
The old wooden chair was standing in the middle of the room and staring at me. It felt like it will start to talk in a second. The simple chair seemed so alive, so true. It felt like there was a soul inside that piece of wood. It was scary at first, but then I got used to that feeling. I brought another chair and set next to him, yes him, cause that chair was too alive to be called it. I was looking at the chair and trying to see inside him. I was wondering what  that chair was hiding, what has he seen, what stories would he tell if he was able to talk...

There was made a decision to destroy the old house that was empty for last couple of years. They would probably build a new tall building in that place, destroying a memory of an entire lifetime. I used my last chance to get inside the house, walk among those walls for the last time. I remember the old couple that used to live here, two people that had created their own reality, their separate world. They were living for themselves, away from everything and everyone. The only time you could see them was during those warm summer evenings when they were going out for a walk, probably going to their favorite places in the city, to the park where they used to meet when they were younger, to the place where they had their first kiss. I don't know if anyone else has ever noticed them, but I didn't just notice that couple, I was admiring them and wishing that one they I can be in their place. I was hoping that some day I will be like them, old with my age but young with my soul, living a life full of love and being next to the love of my life.
They left, they went somewhere far, some call it another world, some call that place heaven. I don't know where did they go but I was sure that they were still together and happy.

Now I was here, in the old house full of love, care, memories... and the old chair was standing in the middle of the room.
I took a picture of that chair that day, because I so wanted to have something from that house that I will keep for myself. I didn't want that beautiful story to end, I couldn't let all those memories to just vanish away, get destroyed with the house. Now I look at the picture sometimes and it makes me smile, I still see that beautiful old couple and it warms my heart.

Ever wondered what true love is like? Well, I think this story itself is an answer to that question.

                                                                                                                                 © LiLit Ghazaryan


Roshan said...

You write so well. I love reading your blog.

Lilit Ghazaryan said...

Thank's Roshan :)))