Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magic Bubble

Remember those bubbles? I'm sure you loved them when you were a kid, I did and I still too.
I used to blow the magic bubbles and watch them fly high until they vanished away. I was always trying to send one of the bubbles to the clouds, hoping it will reach the sky. When the bubble was too high I stopped looking at it, so I don't notice how it is fading, that gave me a hope that maybe after all my small magic bubble did reach the sky. I hoped that it is living up in the sky, flying among the white clouds, playing with the sunshine. I was making my own fairy-tale and forcing myself to believe it, at the same time knowing that it was not true.

Some people remind me of those bubbles. They live with no worries, without carrying how long their life will be. It seems like someone just decided to blow them in the air and they are just going wherever the wind might take them. Such people don't know much and they never try to find out something new. They just live, they fly along the road that is already set. Sometimes I feel that those people are the ones who know exactly what happiness is. They never look for any answers because they never ask questions, they don't wonder why things happen, they don't care how everything works and why their own journey is set in a certain way. Maybe after all it is the real happiness, to just move forward like a small bubble that fades away after a moment when it appears.
Sometimes we all have to be just like bubbles. At a certain period all you wanna do is just fly along, go forward without wondering where are you going and why. Sometimes living like a small magic bubble is the only solution, to just live, to be happy, to close your eyes and mind to the things you don't want to see.
Maybe now it's the time for me to be a bubble for a while. No, I'm not weak and even if I am I won't be afraid to admit it. I'm not running away, I'm flying away.
... Small magic bubble was flying in the air, doing its best not to touch a single leaf, not to die on someone's hand. The small magic bubble, it was different from all the others, it had dreams, plans and ideas. It could be sad and even cry sometimes, but no one could notice it, because outside he was still the small colourfull bubble, enjoying the lightness of the flight.
My small magic bubble... I believe that you will reach the sky...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan

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