Friday, February 24, 2012

Not a love story

An old house
The man and the woman...
Two people living in the room filled with only one thing - their feelings. An old picture frame was hanging on the wall and inside it was a picture that only these two people could see. The empty frame was the book of their memories, their photo album and a mirror at the same time.
They were happy, they were not living, they were just being together. They never talked much, because they could read each other's thoughts, the looks and gestures were taking the place of all the words that could have been said.
Was it love? No, it was just a connection between two people. They were together because  they got used to each other by the time. There were no thoughts, no regrets, just a moment and then another one coming after it. None of them asked any questions, they had created their own answer to all the possible questions that could come to their minds.
What was connecting these two people after all? Some thought it was the passion, many considered that these two young people were just crazy, too foolish and were doing nothing but wasting their time on the relationship that didn't make sense to anyone. Obligation? Friendship? Maybe a sense of gratitude? There can be many versions, different ideas, but they called it simply a decision.
It was just a decision to be together and nothing more.
Does it really matter anyway? They were happy because there was nothing else but the moment and then another moment coming right after the previous one. A beautiful life full of memorable moments, no time, no space, no rules, no love... Just a moment...

                                                                                                                             © LiLit Ghazaryan


Anonymous said...

Wow... I couldn't explain how I feel when I read ur story. But believe me one thing that I know is I already fell in love with ur words.

simple but deeply

LiLit G. said...

Thank's a lot.
Nice words and comments from the readers encourage me to write more :)))