Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What should we learn from a Snowflake?

  It was snowing today.
  ... so beautiful, white, pure.
  I was looking outside the window and wondering how does it feel to be a snowflake. I guess they have a short life. The white snowflakes come down from the sky, fly along the cold winter wind, they reach the ground and soon melt away. Some of them don't even get to the ground but vanish away standing on a tree, inside a kid's warm hand or on a glass of a window. But they all seem so happy, they bring so much joy with them, those small white starts are hiding some magic. What makes them so beautiful and happy? Maybe the flight. Maybe that's the real meaning of their life, of any kind of life - to be able to fly.
  People are born here on the Earth and many of them believe that they will go to the sky later. The snowflakes are born up in the sky and maybe their dream is to come down to the Earth. Maybe their journey is the end of the long search, a journey that is worth their own life.
  We're looking for a heaven somewhere else while our own place in the heaven for many others.
  It was cold, but the white beauty around made me forget about it. The snowflakes. How lucky they are, how happy they are. Is it because they don't see or hear? Is it because they have  a chance to create their own views and sounds? Those small stars get together and change our big world the way they want it to be. They paint the city with white colour and maybe secretly laugh at us, laugh at all those who think that they are the ones who control their own world, the world around them.
  Maybe it's even funny that the simple snow made my thoughts go so far away. I kept looking at the dancing snowflakes and thinking how happy they are and it made me smile.
  People, we should learn from that small, beautiful snowflakes, we should learn to be happy, to enjoy our journey and melt away at the right time, at the right place, we should melt away with smiles on our faces.
  Let's live like a snowflake, so they will look at us and think "How happy they are"...

                                                                                                                         © LiLit Ghazaryan

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