Tuesday, April 17, 2012


...It can be the strongest power, the desire that can destroy the two for creating the one. The passion kills our ego, our character, personality and makes us go against ourselves for the one in front of us, while that person does the same for us and it creates a new power, a new person with another ego. Probably years later that very same ego will die and vanish away for another person to create a new personality again. This circle keeps going on and repeating itself. We do our best to have our own attitude, we build a personality which should be unique and original, but we create our personality only for loosing it later, when we find the one for whom we will be ready to loose ourselves, not ready but willing to. At that point we don't give questions, we don't care about anything, forget about the long way we've been going through. For that one person we cross all the possible lines we had created ourselves as borders. Is it love? No, it's the passion, the desire that grows stronger then love, walking along with that feeling on the same road. We loose our mind to the point when we are ready to give up everything for the joy and desire. Two people loose themselves to find another personality in each other. They loose everything they had and start creating a new personality, they start creating each other, they build the harmony which leads to a strong combination. Two people loose themselves as individuals to find themselves again, this time not as individuals but as parts of a united character, they find new themselves in each other...

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