Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Monster... Jealousy

  I look at you again with that tricky smile and ask "Are you jealous?". Even if you are, you try to hide it using all your professionalism, without even realizing that the only answer I want to hear is... "Yes".

  Yes, I want you to be jealous, maybe just for making sure that you still care. I need your jealousy as a sign of care, attention, as a proof  that I'm still loved and wanted. Yes, I want you to be jealous, I want you to feel how it hurts. I want you to realize that love is not always sweet, romantic and nice.
 You think I'm cruel? I'm just weak, I'm lost in my own game. Why? Because of all the other ways I choose the most silliest one just to be sure that you still love me. How stupid of me... And how risky at the same time. I know, I know that every second you can just walk away, that's what the jealousy does. It's like the narrow line I walk by and I can fell on any side of the border every second.
  I fight against a non-existing wall between us, creating a real one. I'm walking through the fire, hoping it will bring back the flame of our love and instead it's burning the only connecting bridge we have left.
 "Are you jealous?" Please say "Yes"... Please...

Jealousy is a monster, it can be cruel, bitter and blind.
But there's  a kind of jealousy that we all need sometimes.

Are you jealous?
It's not the question that matters, but the answer...  Sometimes...

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