Saturday, October 6, 2012

The "Nothing" is Talking

  -How pathetic...
  -What's pathetic?
  -I'm pathetic!
  -Yes! Me! Just look at me. Sitting here all lost and confused, acting like a lost little bird on a strange land. But then I think am I acting? Maybe I am lost in a strange land.
  I'm pathetic.
  Is there a mirror here?
  -Why do you need a mirror?
  -Why?! To look at myself, to look at me face and try to figure out if there are any features left. To try to understand if I have at least a drop of character left.
  Mirror... Do you see anything there?
  -I see your reflection
  -Am, I beautiful?
  -Well, you look pretty.
  -Pretty... nah, I'm pathetic. Look! There is nothing, just emptiness. My eyes... they are almost gone, I can see nothing in my eyes. And they were so deep and full of emotions once. Do you think I've lost my emotions?
  -I don't know
  -Well, I do. And yes, I did! I lost everything that showed that this person is me, actually was me. Who am I now? Nobody, nothing, an empty space, a mistake. But no, if I was a mistake people would at least notice me, some would try to fix me, but nobody sees me, so I am nothing.
  I'm nothing people!
  Can you hear me?
  I'm nothing!
  How sad is that, they can't even hear me.
  -But I can
  -You? You can't even talk
  -Yes i can. I am talking now.
  -No my friend, you are not. If not me then you wouldn't talk at all. You are just my imagination. But wait, I said that I am nothing, so I guess I can't have imagination either and that means, my friend, that you are also nothing.
  We just don't exist!
  Me and You!

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