Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Ocean Of My Love

   Love... It's like jumping into the river without knowing how to swim, without having any guarantees that you will survive...

   And even if you die, you know it's going to be worth it. Blinded by the emotions you are willing to give everything for the feeling you have while jumping off the bridge. You don't think about the consequences while flying in the air, feeling the true freedom. You are willing to jump into the river, knowing it might be the end, just for those couple seconds of happiness, freedom and unity with yourself.

   Just like the love stories, the rivers are also different from one another. Some choose the nice and calm rivers, that give them peace and comfort. Others prefer the crazy rivers, live along the risks, dangers, speed. Some step off the small bridges, so close to the river. They just walk into the water and start their way with the calm river. But some choose the high, dangerous bridges. They are hunting for the feeling of satisfaction they will get when reaching the river after jumping off the bridge, risking everything, including their on lives.
    Just like all the rivers, the love stories also have different rocks and difficulties on their way. Some people fight against the big rocks on their way, others find a boat and make the road easier. But there always will be those who will use the same boat to just run away from their love, to get closer to the shore and get as far from the river as possible.

   Love is just like a river... calm in the morning, crazy at night and faster the next afternoon...
   Love is just like a river... somewhere closer to the bridge, somewhere further from the shore...
   Love is just like a river... It can be full of spring flowers and autumn leaves, that fell into its waters, but it can also be full of rocks and dangers...
    What about me? What kind of river did I choose? How high did I jump for my love? What risks was I willing to take?
     I did not choose a river at all, because I was chosen by the deepest waters of the ocean. There were no rocks on my way, because I had miles and miles of the open ocean to fight against. I had to cross the half of the globe, crossing the endless waters of the ocean, without knowing how to swim.

   Love is like a river and you choose the kind you want to fall into, unless you get chosen by the ocean...

                                                                                                            © LiLit Ghazaryan 


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LIRA KLEVAYA said...'s just amazing how different people can feel the same feeling with different words ... see the same world with different eyes ...accept their oceans of love with different hearts ..

Your words and how you described your feelings seem so familiar but so unique, so "yours" at the same time .

I feel like there is something bright inside me - like there are my ocean waves glittering in the morning warm and gentle sun .

Thank you for such a beauty you shared with your readers, making our souls a bit brighter and softer. I believe it's essential nowadays !