Saturday, January 19, 2013

Imaginary Meeting

  I've imagined our meeting thousand times. I imagined how we would randomly meet on a street, see each other in a restaurant or in front of a theater. I even used to think about small details like who I would be with or would you be alone or with some one else. I even thought about the season we would meet. Sometimes I wish it was Autumn, but mostly I want to meet you in Summer. Spring would be too boring and Winter would make the situation even colder. The only thing I could never imagine was the dialogue. Would there be any dialogue after all? Would we even talk? I don't even know if you would stop to greet or would I even respond if you did. Maybe we would just walk pass each other, pretending that we did not notice any similar face.
  Who are we after all to each other? Friends? Lovers? Strangers? I don't know and I think that's what makes me go back to you. I just want to know who we are for each other. And even if we end up being strangers, I will be fine with that as long as I get my answer. Sometimes I really look forward to that imaginary meeting. I want it to be random and unexpected, but at the same time not important enough. I don't know why but I believe that seeing you again would clear the confusion that is left. I want to see you again to just understand myself, to realize that I can let it go and tear off that page from my life. I want to look into your eyes with the hope that my reflection is not there anymore. I want to see your smile and understand that it has lost its warmth and meaning for me long time ago. I want to see you for looking at me through your eyes. I hope your look will mean nothing, I hope we both will forget that meeting. And if we do then I will know for sure that it was worth it.
    The truth is that I just want to make sure that you are ok. After all you have always been a friend for me, a goof friend, nothing more and nothing less. I want to meet you ad make sure that my friend is doing great.

                                                                                                            © LiLit Ghazaryan

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