Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Shadows of Our Identities

Who am I?
Who are we?
We all have different personalities and characters, but we all are the same in a way.
I am me to you, but I am someone else to another. So am I still the same person?
I know you the way I know you, but someone else knows you in a different way.

   It's like a room with mirrors, all the people around us are windows that reflect our faces and our personality in their own way, adding their own shadows and uncovering the lights that we let them to.
We all represent ourselves differently, we are different with different people and each of those people have their own perspectives and understanding of that one same person. There are no two people that know me exactly the same way. There is no one whom I know exactly as someone else knows that same person. We are never the same, but we are not different either, to some we are less and to some we are more. Some get the chance to discover us better, others learn  more, some are just walking by. It's a two way dialogue, I have the right to share and show as much as I want to, but you have the ability to learn and see as much as you are able to. 
And at the center of that dialogue are our shadows, those that we learned and discovered about each other. We all share those shadows, giving  specific shades and colours to each of them. We exchange those shadows that create the impression and idea about each others identity.
   We, humans, have this bright skill of remembering all those shadows that we have given away, we always know which mask to where according to who we are about to meet. The big chain of the created shadows keeps growing as we meet more and more people, but somehow it never gets confusing. At one point we just stop noticing the differences between our own selves, we forget how many versions of our own identity we have given away. Is there a real one left after all? Do we manage to keep our own character behind all those shadows? And if we do, who do we keep that for? Does anyone else but ourselves ever get to discover our nature? Is there ever a person that knows us as well as we do? The more brighter our shadow, the closer that person gets to us. The more colours you share with them, the more intimate we become with those people, the more they discover about us, the better and the deeper they see our personality.
   But is there ever a person that passes the shadows and reaches to us, to our real selves?
                                                                                                              © LiLit Ghazaryan