Monday, April 1, 2013

A Phone Call

What's harder, trusting someone or knowing that someone trusts you?
What is easier, to rely on someone or to have someone to rely on you?

  It takes time to believe in someone, to trust someone and have that feeling that you can rely on that person. Some are lucky enough to have that one person that they can call at any time, knowing that their call will be answered no matter what.
  A phone call in the middle of the night and two different people on the two sides of the phone call. One is the calling person, the other one is the answering. Which situation is the one that makes a person happy and fulfilled? Knowing that you have someone out there who will always be on your side or being the person that is strong and kind enough to always be there for that one person?
   And what if the call is left unanswered? Whom does it hurt more, the one calling or the one not answering? Does the calling person lose a person or does the one not answering lose a friend?
   Who are you? The one that trusts or the one that is trusted? Why?
    Shouldn't it be mutual?

   "A phone call in the middle of the night and two different people on the two sides of the phone call. I was expecting nothing more but just another conversation with the person I knew that I could rely on at any time. But that night my call was left unanswered...
  Emptiness, anger, sadness... I did not know what to feel. I think the strongest among all the feelings at that point was regret. How ironic. It takes so much time to trust a person, to believe in someone and we erase it all so easily during couple seconds. I was sitting there still holding the phone in my hand and feeling completely lost".
     That's what she wrote on the napkin before going to bed. She was not the writing type, never had diaries like most girls do, never wrote about anything personal. But that night was different, her call was left unanswered...
    Did she lose the person she was calling that night or did the person not answering loose her?

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