Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Simple Night

This is a story of one night, a story about a man and a woman... Just like so many other stories....

She was sitting in the living room, looking for something to watch on her laptop. All she needed was something to keep her mind busy, because waiting was a torture for her. It was 11 in the evening and he was still not home, usually he used to be home around 8. It's been three hours already, three hours of random thoughts, three hours of just walking around the house, from one room to another with the hopes of finding something to do, something useful and destructing. She had washed the dishes, ironed her dress for the next day's meetings, but there was nothing else to do. She had tried to finish the book that she had started couple days ago, but after two or three pages realized that her eyes are just running through the lines but her mind was somewhere else and she could not even remember what she was reading. So she had decided to watch something. Comedies, they are always good for such situations, they can make you stop thinking too much but they also don't require so much attention in case your thoughts do fly somewhere else after all . She finally found an old comedy that she had already seen once and started watching it.

It was dark outside, he still was not home. That was so rare, he always used to come home before sunset, especially now that it was summer and the days were so much longer. Suddenly she realized that it had been a long while since she had to spend an evening all alone, by herself. Every evening he was there with her and now she felt so weird and uncomfortable, in a way it was even scary. But she didn't know what was more scary, the fact that he was not there or the fact that she was so used to him. They have been living together for almost two years now and she was more than just used to him. Her entire life was now about him, around him, everything was somehow connected with him. And now she was by herself only for one night and she was already loosing the control, she was so used to his presence that she was actually bored without his company. 

The time was going so slow. She was looking at her watch every five minutes, every time getting surprised that it was only five minutes past the last time she stared at the watch. Suddenly she had this strong feeling of missing him. She kept counting each minute, knowing that she can't call him, which made waiting even harder. 

And then she heard the car noise, his car. She had even learned to recognize his car sound without mixing it with any other car among the hundreds that used to pass their house. For a second her body went numb, she heard the car parking in front of the house, then the engine stopped and she heard the noise of the door closing. His footsteps were the next and at that point her own heartbeat was louder than the sound of his keys opening the front door. He stepped in and went towards the stares that were leading to the living room where she was sitting. She was standing on the very last step, waiting for him. He smiled and hugged her. That was it... There in his arms she forget about the three hours of torture and all she could feel was his warmth. He was out working all day and was so tired that could hardly walk, but he would never do anything else but hug her and give her a kiss first thing when he got home every single day. 

That day he had called earlier and told her that he would be late, there was some extra work he had to take care of. It took him three hours to finish all the paper work, three hours that she spent doing nothing but thinking about him. Three simple hours that the day took from them and they both had felt like they hadn't seen each other for whole three days. The rest was as usual, they had dinner, watched a movie and went to bed to wake up early next morning. But there was so much more in their simple evenings, every look and smile they ever shared had so much warmth behind it, so much love...

Love is simple and whatever is simple has a little love in it, but every simple thing turns into something so much deeper when there is love...

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