Sunday, December 1, 2013

My self-portrait of You

I drew a portrait of myself
And there were you...

I was looking at the reflection of my face
And seeing you, staring back at me.
I saw your eyes throughout my own
And felt the touch of your soft hand
Upon my painted cheek.

An oily paint of tear run down
And you were there to catch it,
My brush was redening my lips
But it was you who put a smile on it.

I painted my dark hair
Falling down up to my shoulders
And I could feel your hand
Softly playing through them,
My brush put on the black waves
But it was you 
That moved them away from my face

I couldn't help but notice
Your eyes staring back at me
Through my own gaze
Warming and protecting me.

I drew a self-portrait
And had to capture You in it,
Because that's how I see myself
With marks left by you all over it.

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