Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just a Woman

She's not in love, she's just a woman, with the obligation to feel and connect emotionally . . .

It's been three years and seven months. He has moved on, but she is still sitting on the old sofa, staring outside the window and feeling defeated. Women like to win, especially when it comes to men, but she felt like she was the looser of the story. He has moved on! That alone made him the winner, automatically. He has a new life, while she is still living in their memories.

There was no love, no past or future. It was an abstract reality that they had created together in her small apartment. Their meetings were neither short nor long because they did not keep track of time. They didn't care about morning or night, there was one time: together. There were no months or days, no weeks or seasons, just one time: together.

Just One Time: Together

They never met outside her apartment, they did not have dates, didn't care about the movies or restaurants, there was one place: together. The space for them was just an illusion, they didn't need any space, their space was simple: together. Even her apartment did not matter, it was all just an appearance, a dream that could take place anywhere, anywhere at all.

Just One Space: Together

There was no love, no connections. There were no obligations or arrangements, just one feeling: together. The spoken words were not carefully selected, the actions were not intentionally observed. The situations were sincere and real, with no covers. They had no labels to attach to themselves or the apartment, no tags to stick on to each other. There was one label: together, a label that proudly hang on the door that wouldn't even be knocked as a warning sign to enter.

Just One Feeling:Together

And now their time and space was crashed, the feeling lost, the label disappeared. The door that had been never knocked on, wouldn't even open now. The apartment that didn't matter got ugly realistic shape for all of a sudden. The time that was frozen started ticking loudly and the calendar kept tearing its own pages to catch up with the season. Together - an illusion that was so sweet became real suddenly, it was so real that it started to hurt. The feelings that were never there sat next to her on the sofa which still carried their memories. Their Time, Space, Feeling - Together, all gone... all gone together. And only one thing left - the pain, not for them but for her alone.

Just One Suffering: Apart

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Labeled the ugliest woman in the world"... a true inspiration

I could not help but share this incredible video. Lizzie... a true inspiration, a person that has so much courage and self-confidence to survive all the labels we put on people without even knowing them. Her speech makes one think about the people's perception of each other. We tend to judge people without even knowing them, sometimes it takes nothing more but just a look to be rejected. The word unfair does not really describe that kind of behavior, I prefer the word stupid, because it truly is. We make judgement and form opinions based on nothing. Our entire world is revolving around the appearance, starting from the marketing of the simplest products to forming opinions about people. We spend more time, money and energy on buying accessories for our appearance; whether it be clothing, jeweler or a fancy car;  then gaining inner "accessories", such as values, morals, education and knowledge, kindness. In a way we all have turned into marketing associates, we just think about the ways to represent ourselves, about the way we look, but never about who we truly are inside. In fact for many people their appearance and the appearance only is who they are, their looks is what represents them. In other words we turn into these beautiful gift boxes, wrapped up in the nicest papers with colorful patterns and unique designs, accessorized with bows, sparkles and stars; but all those gift boxes are empty. We take too much time in wrapping up ourselves, but not enough time to truly discover our inner gifts and the beauty.

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